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I'm a fangirl. Put the rabies shot down, I don't need it. I'm sort of the nerdy fangirl, who goes for accuracy and has a very strong desire to watch 4kids burn to the ground. I'm (unnaturally) obsessed with Broadway musicals and metal. That provides the perfect combination for having a song for every situation in life and making amvs, which I really need to figure out how to die with my mac. I'm sure it's simple. Now where can I get episodes? hmmm...I know, the internet. While the internet may be for porn, it also has many useful research material like wikipedia and youtube (if you laughed at that last sentence you can be my friend). Yes, I'm also a gamer. Somewhere between casual and hardcore. I play zelda and mario but also like animal crossing and mercury meltdown revolution. yes i have a wii and a ds. yes, i do love final fantasy. So I'm the kind of gamer who doesn't need to play SBCG4AP everyday but knows how to weed out the crap (I'm looking at you miley) (yes i do indeed hate hannah montana. it's nice...for small children, but god she's everywhere.) so this probably didn't tell you a lot unless you read between the lines (in which case you're on your way to becoming a lit major like me!). Sorry but that's really all there is to it. And yes, I may have lost my mind. But I found this one to replace it and it has so much more room for Batman fan ravings! Hooray for the Dark Knight! (Please don't let Cher get in the catsuit. Just hide it and give it to a proper Catwoman like Halle Barry. She was good.)